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Placing orders in the store

We make efforts to ensure that the process of shopping in our store is intuitive and simple. In just several steps we will explain You the principles of transaction.
You can place an order in several ways! The fastest and simplest way is to add chosen product to a cart, select the form of payment and complete the transaction. However, if you prefer other methods of placing orders, you may:

• call – hotline No. +48 600 055 695 – from Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Cost as per your operator’s rate. 

• send an e-mail – to our fixed e-mail address: You can place an order for selected items via e-mail. Please, make sure you provide any mailing data including your telephone number. Please, itemize selected products and suggest the way of payment. The customer service will add your order to the system and inform you on the status of processing. 

In order to place an order in our online shop, add selected products to a cart by clicking the cart icon by each product. Your selection will appear on the list of products in the cart. The cart allows specifying the form of payment. The following step consists in completing the address form, final confirmation and shipment of the order. You will be informed on the following stages of your order by the customer service of the store

Step 1 of 4
Entering the cart start a decisive process concerning your purchase. We divided this process into 4 steps. First you check the stock, quantity and value of selected products. Having checked the cart you proceed to execute the order. Enter the address for shipment, select the form of payment, a courier company and finally confirm your previous choices. The confirmation is equivalent to making a purchase in the shop Depending on the value of your order some options of the cart may be unavailable, e.g. free shipment. 

Step 2
Next you should complete identification data of a recipient and the address details. If you already made a purchase in our shop and were asked to register, you can use your log in and the password for another transaction. This way you become our regular Customer and may be offered special prices, discounts and participation in our loyalty programs. Should you tick the option 'VAT invoice' you will be asked to complete the form with your company details. At this stage you also select the form of payment. You can also insert your remarks about the order in the field: “Remarks”. Upon verification of your data confirm the transaction by clicking “order”.

Step 3
The following step of the ordering process is checking data and costs. Upon completing the transaction with the "order" button, our automatic responder will inform you on the acceptance of payment and the following stages of the order processing.

Try now! Customer service of the store is at your disposal. 

More information on functioning of the store available in other help subjects. If you can’t find an answer to your questions call: 600 055 695 (Monday - Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.) or e-mail us: